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We've had a lot of questions lately regarding the Arri Focusbug Support License and how the Cine RT will integrate in both the new Hi-5 and WCU-4 ecosystems.  The following key points and key outline the integration:
  • The forthcoming Cine RT V.21 is required to output the new Hi-Speed serial protocol which enables bi-directional communications between the Cine RT and the Hi-5.  
  • The Arri Focusbug Support License is required to enable the Focusbug Menu on the Hi-5 Handset.
  • The Arri RIA-1 is the first Arri component release that supports the license.
  • The license is backward compatible with the WCU-4; however, with forthcoming updates from ARRI for the LCUBE CUB-1, cforce Mini RF, Alexa Mini LF and newer cameras; users will benefit from the faster Hi-Speed serial data rates for both distance reference and Focus Tracking.
Please reference the key/key PDF below for more information regarding the required Cine RT cables and equipment. 
Arri Hi-5 & WCU-4 Focusbug Support REVISED.jpg
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