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Focusbug Solidarity Sale

Focusbug Solidarity Sale

We are excited to see the WGA affirm their strike-ending deal and are looking forward to a positive outcome for SAG-AFTRA.  We have several IATSE 669 International Cinematographers Guild members at Focusbug, so we see these challenging times from a personal perspective, as well as that of an industry-related business.  As such, with the prospect of work returning, Focusbug is supporting the global community with our first-ever sale!  


We are offering:

20% off MSRP list pricing for all in-stock product!

Cine RT System Packages | Power, Serial & Y-Cables | All Accessories

Free Shipping on orders over $750 USD (before tax total)

Sale pricing is effective immediately and runs until March 31, 2024!

Stock is on the shelf and ready to ship!

Order at:


The Solidarity Sale supports existing clients as well as newcomers.  As production starts up again the discount assists clients seeking: 

Replacement or Back-Up Cables

Bi-Directional Serial and Y-Cables for use with the Focusbug License for the ARRI Hi-5

Additional Bug Transmitters & High-Bright Displays

Mounting Blocks | Horn Protectors | Protective Handset Skins

All in-stock product is included!


Of course, we realize that the industry will not rebound instantaneously. If you are interested in adding a Cine RT System to your kit or inventory but need more time, a $500 USD deposit* received during the sale period will secure a Cine RT at the sale pricing until June 30, 2024.

*The deposit acts as a contractual purchase agreement securing a guaranteed 20% discount on a Cine RT System or Kit.  Accordingly, the deposit amount is non-refundable if the purchase obligation is not met by the June 30, 2024 deadline. 

V.23.16 FIRMWARE UPDATE - BUG FIX (no pun intended)

Hi All!

A bug in V.23.15 revealed itself and has been addressed.  V.23.16 is now available to download.  Update notes have been added to the V.23 Notes Log and are also available below. 

V23.16 UPDATE NOTES - October 06, 2023

Users can update directly from Cine RT LEGACY FIRMWARE and V.21.15 to any V.23 version.  Video instructions on how to update your system are available by clicking here: FIRMWARE UPDATES.  On completion of an update, as a general practice, we recommended resetting your Base Sensor and Handset to factory defaults.  Doing this prevents the unlikely issue of older stored settings causing complications with the new firmware.

  • V23.16 provides a bug fix for an activation issue in the Close Minimum System Setting.  Please see revised notes on the use of the Close Minimum next:
  • Addition of a new 6” NEAR LIMIT option.  To swap the default 1’ near limit with the 6” near limit navigate to page 4 of the ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS and select “Enable” in the new CLOSE MINIMUM menu.  New Note:  We recommend using the default 1’ near limit for general-purpose use and using the 6” near limit when required.  Depending on the ambient air temperature and other environmental conditions, it may be necessary to remove your UHP-100 Horn Protector when using the close minimum (in order to avoid potential sensitivity issues related to the near limit being in close proximity to the component hardware).

As a side note, Jon and I are currently reviewing a year of user feedback regarding the LCS Focus Tracking Menu. Focusbug HQ now contains over 20' of dolly track so we can continue empirical testing of the DSP settings to isolate weaknesses and improve functionality. We will be testing focus tracking with the ARRI Hi-5 primarily; however, we will also review compatibility with Teradek, Heden and c motion LCS. Our next firmware update will include any changes we make as a result of this new round of testing.

Thanks for your attention!



Focusbug Firmware V.23.15 Now Available

Focusbug Firmware V.23.15 Launch Photo


Welcome to V.23.15

NEW 6" Near Limit Option - IMPROVED Spectrum Scan - NEW Source Switcher View Mode

And more!

Links are included below for easy access as our site is currently under construction.

Click here to sign in and see the full release notes

Watch a video with step by step instructions for updating your firmware

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Thank you for being part of our Focusbug Community!


Focus Tracking


At Focusbug HQ we've been busy working on beta DSP (digital signal processing) solutions for "focus tracking" and "autofocus" functions offered by various lens control manufacturers. Although the Cine RT System was created primarily as a professional reference tool to aid traditional pulling focus methods, we have found that we are able to output data that makes focus tracking viable.

The following test is an example of our current firmware development. We have recently been working with PLC Electonic Solutions* and Heden using their new Ymer-3 due to its impressive ability to handle serial data. It is key that an LCS is able to send the Cine RT distance information as fast as possible to its motors, and Heden achieves this. We will continue to optimize our data processing and will release more examples of the Cine RT working with the Ymer-3 and other LCS systems in the near future. A beta version of our LCS Focus Tracking firmware will be released later this year. Currently, communication with existing LCS systems is one-way only.

In these examples of the Cine RT System working with the Ymer-3 LCS, a Cine RT BUG Transmitter has been hidden on the subject. The footage was shot on a Sony A7R3 in APS-C Mode at a framerate of 29.97 and a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second to minimize the effects of motion blur. In APS-C mode our Zeiss CZ2 70-200 became a 300m and was shot wide open at T2.9. We look forward to providing examples using other lenses, stops, framerates and shutter speeds with both the Cine RT BUG TX and Rangefinder as we beta test our firmware. For more info on the Cine RT System and LCS compatibility please contact us at Thanks for watching! *For technical info on the Heden Ymer-3 LCS please contact PLC Electronic Solutions at