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We are excited to announce the release of our new Version 21 Firmware coming March 1, 2022.  V.21 will be available free from our website for Cine RT Systems with Data & Accessory Ports.  Clients with older systems can add these ports to their Cine RTs with the Retrofit, a modification that is backward compatible with all systems.  A PRG-100 Programmer is required to connect your Cine RT System via USB to professional Lemo connectors.


The new firmware contains a host of refinements to menu operations, display formatting, and system alerts. We have also made it our mission to rework the core Rangefinder to improve data speed and stability. It has been our pleasure to collaborate with several major lens control system manufacturers to provide faster serial protocol speeds, as well as bi-directional communications for the new Arri Hi-5.


Version 21 unlocks these new Serial Output options and offers the new Beta LCS Focus Tracking Menu to enhance focus tracking for the Arri Hi-5, Arri WCU-4, c motion c pro (c pro plus), Teradek RT, and Heden Ymer-3.  Distance information is sent to the Preston Cinema HU3 and HU4 in the native Preston Serial Protocol (focus tracking from third-party serial not supported at this time).

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Connect the Cine RT Base Sensor to the Arri RIA-1 with the new Cine RT RIA-1 Serial or Y Cable.  These cables open bi-directional communication with the Hi-5 through the RIA-1, the versatile communications hub of the LCS.  It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Arri on this integration into the Hi-5 ecosystem!

The Arri Focusbug License opens a Hi-5 menu where you can select Cine RT System sources and edit commonly used settings remotely.  A "hi-light" of the integration is the Arri Hi-Speed Serial Protocol for fast distance readings and focus tracking.  An exciting bi-directional feature is that when collecting focus marks with the Cine RT Handset in Marks Mode, the marks appear automatically on your Hi-5 digital focus scale!  The Focusbug License will be available soon from Arri.

The newly available V.1.2.5. Firmware from Teradek RT contains support for a new high baud rate serial protocol from the Cine RT System.  Connect the Cine RT Base Sensor to a Teradek RT MDR.X via Input-1 with a Cine RT Teradek Serial Cable.

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The improved data rate is noticeable when referring to distance readings and engaging autofocus.  Assign a Control.3 user button as a "Cine" trigger for fast engagement!

Connect the Cine RT System to the Ymer-3 FIZ System via the VLC-3 with a Heden Cine RT Link Cable.  This cable, available from Heden, enables seriously fast serial data rates for responsive distance readings and focus tracking (Heden Version 5.0 software required).  Don't forget Heden's unique Cine RT Pan Bracket for use with M21VE-L, LM30 or M26VE motors!

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Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding V.21!

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