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Lens Control System Integration

Lens Control System Integration

The Cine RT can send distance data to most popular lens control systems to enable focus pullers to view the data remotely on their focus handsets. The Cine RT Base Sensor must be hard wired to the serial input of an on-camera LCS component for distance data to be sent. Focusbug offers two options to output distance data: “Serial Cables” and “Y-Cables”. Serial cables must be used in conjunction with a separate power cable to provide the Base Sensor with power. Y-Cables simultaneously send distance data and power the Base Sensor from the connected LCS component. Please see the various available cable options below.



In 2019 Focusbug teamed up with ARRI ECS to design the ARRI Focusbug License for the new ARRI Hi-5.  The license supports a custom Hi-Speed serial protocol (12x faster than the UDM protocol) and bi-directional communication with the Hi-5 focus handset. With the license loaded, Hi-5 users can control all commonly used Cine RT settings and operations; including the ability to collect marks with the Cine RT Handset and have them appear automatically on the Hi-5 handset’s digital distance scale.  Currently the License can be used via the ARRI RIA-1 Module and will soon be available via the ARRI LCUBE CUBE-1 and Alexa 35 camera.



Load the ARRI Focusbug License on your Hi-5 to enable use of our ARRI Hi-Speed serial output which delivers distance data 12x faster than the UDM serial protocol. With the license loaded, you can also control all commonly used Cine RT settings and operations from your Hi-5 handset. The license is currently compatible with the ARRI RIA-1 Module and compatibility is coming soon for the ARRI LCUBE CUB-1 and Alexa 35 camera. If you are not using the ARRI Focusbug License you can still receive Cine RT distance data on your WCU-4 or Hi-5 by outputting our ARRI Classic serial protocol. This option is compatible with all ARRI serial input devices including the Alexa 35, full size Alexa and Alexa LF cameras. Future updates will enable use of our Hi-Speed serial output for both the WCU-4 and Hi-5 without requiring the license. Note: *ALEXA MINI CAMERA BODIES DO NOT ACCEPT DIRECT SERIAL CONNECTION. LCUBE CUB-1 or RIA-1 REQUIRED. ARRI Focusbug License available online from ARRI*





No need to translate RS-232 to Preston with a cumbersome cable module. Simply connect a Cine RT Base Sensor to your Preston MDR 2, 3 or 4 and select Preston’s fast native serial protocol from the Cine RT Serial Output Menu options and distance is displayed on your Preston HU3 or HU4 focus handset.




The ARRI LCUBE CUB-1 enables serial connectivity to the cmotion cPRO or cPRO PLUS LCS. If you are a legacy user, connect directly via your camin to receive data on your c volution, cdistance and cdisplay 2.



Purchase the Cine RT Link Cable directly from Heden or PLC Electronics and connect your Cine RT Base Sensor to the VLC3. Select “Cine RT” in the “AUX IN” Menu on your Ymer-3 FIZ Handset and take advantage of the extremely fast custom serial protocol developed with the team at PLC.



The team at Creative Solutions welcomed the opportunity to work with us to implement a fast high-baud rate version of the standard RS-232 serial protocol for the Teradek RT LCS! Now Teradek users can connect the Cine RT Base to Input -1 on their Teradek RT MDRX and enjoy real-time Cine RT System distance data on their Control.3 and SmallHD RT monitor overlay.