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In order to upgrade your Cine RT System to our Version 21 Firmware which contains user interface improvements, functionality expansion, and increased third-party LCS support (including ARRI Hi-5 Focusbug License Support); we are offering a Data and Accessory Port Retrofit and Firmware Programmer for your Cine RT Base Sensor and Handset.  Instead of manufacturing new versions of the components, we designed the elective Retrofit to be backward compatible for all systems.  All new Cine RT Systems ship with these new ports.  


The Retrofit enables users to update firmware remotely and facilitates connectivity for system expansion products.  The PRG-100 Firmware Programmer connects your Cine RT components to your computer via the integrity of Lemo hardware.  Easy-to-use drag and drop upload software for Mac and PC is available from


If you want to get the Retrofit, please click the link, fill out and submit the RETROFIT ORDER FORM


The Data and Accessory Port Retrofit retails for $775 USD and includes:


  • FedEx Shipping

  • All Import Tax, Duties & Tariffs

  • Insurance (Active while in the custody of FedEx and Focusbug Tech. Inc.) 

  • Hardware 

  • Labour 

  • Full System Inspection & Service

  • Latest Firmware Installation

  • One Year System Warranty Extension (Extends warranty even if the initial system warranty period has lapsed.)


If you opt to move forward with the Retrofit please allow for approx. 2-3 business weeks from the date you ship your system.  When your position in the Retrofit Queue is reached, we will notify you to confirm your order and will email you the FedEx shipping label and associated paperwork to be included with your shipment.  You will be invoiced when your system is received.


We will ask that you please ship your system in the original Pelican 1200 case or an equivalent sized container and include your Cine RT Base Sensor(s), Handset(s), High-Bright Display(s), and BUG(s).  Additional charges may apply for systems shipped in larger containers or for missed items requiring additional shipping.  You will be required to affix the shipping label and paperwork to your kit and drop it off at, or arrange a pick up with, an authorized FedEx outlet.


For those clients interested in adding a PRG-100 System Programmer to their Retrofit order, the cost will be an additional $340 USD.  When contemplating your requirements, please be aware that because the new V.21 Firmware will include third-party device compatibility, it will likely require periodic updates.


If you have any questions regarding the Retrofit or Programmer please contact Verdella at 

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