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Limits & Lockouts
  • Customize your target range with NEAR and FAR rangefinder LIMITS to ignore obstacles such as foreground crosses or when holding "overs".

  • Additional adjustable LOCKOUT window to eliminate readings from unwanted objects within the target range.

Tape & Marks Editor
  • Select HANDSET, BUG or RANGER to use as a tape measure source to collect up to 8 marks.

  • Adjust and arrange your marks with the MARKS EDITOR TOOL

  • Display or "call" stored marks in real-time with FOCUS WHISPER and/or MARKS VIEW.

Focus Whisper
  • FOCUS WHISPER provides a digital alternative to having your assistant "call" marks during a take.

  • Select speed presets to match your target's movement.

  • FOCUS WHISPER presets are modeled on speed averages to ensure accurate "calling" of stored marks.

  • Uses any standard 1/8" mini-jack earphone accessory for discrete operation.

  • MARKS EDITOR hotkey for quick modification to stored marks.

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