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Hi All!  On Saturday, March 26 2022 we conducted an informal Zoom walk-through of our new V.21 Firmware.  This session was designed as a stop-gap until more comprehensive documentation is available.  Our apologies for the super-compressed video - we'll chalk that up to Laird still getting acquainted with Zoom settings. 

If you are looking for clearer examples of Cine RT System 
distance data used for focus tracking please click HERE.  Please keep in mind that these are older examples of focus tracking prior to the creation of the new Arri Hi-Speed Serial Protocol or LCS Focus Tracking Menu in V2.  New examples will be available soon!

Just a quick follow up to the V.21 Zoom Session regarding a question I could not answer at the time:


A:  How do you get to “Landscape Distance View Mode” on the Handset?

Q:  Press and hold the Settings Touch Key (Gear Icon) in the upper left corner of Rangefinder/BUG page.  We hope to eventually make this page customizable so users can select and arrange the UI elements according to their requirements.  We added FOV options to this page as we felt they would be commonly accessed tools that might be wanted here.  See pic below:

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