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The CINE RT SYSTEM re-imagines camera mounted rangefinder systems and uses cutting-edge computing solutions to provide camera assistants with innovative user modes and functions.  Precision clocking and high sampling rates ensure continuous accurate measurements, while proprietary algorithms offer an exceptional balance of sensitivity and stability.  Relentlessly tested by working focus pullers, the CINE RT SYSTEM has been honed to deliver optimal utility and functionality in the field.  The CINE RT SYSTEM is a complete ultrasonic measuring ecosystem, designed and hand built in Vancouver, Canada by industry professionals who understand the demands of camera assisting in contemporary motion picture and television production.

Breaking News!

  • User Video Library Available On Our YouTube Channel!

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We've distilled and updated our manual into a searchable library of concise and easy-to-follow videos illustrating all the Cine RT System tools, views and settings!  Please click this link to download a searchable PDF of video links by subject keyword: Video Link PDF or go to our YouTube Channel:  Focusbug User Videos

  • The Skins Are In...

We are excited to announce the arrival of the HSU-100 Handset Skins.  The Skins are made of thick and tactile silicone and are available in Assistant Uniform Black, Gray Card Gray, Safety Cone Orange, and Cine RT Distance Readout Green!


The Skins fit securely around your Cine RT Handset to add grip and to protect it from the minor knocks and shocks dealt by life in your ditty bag, on your focus station, and camera cart deck.  Simply insert your Handset through the Skin’s Screen Window, guide the antenna through the hole in the top, and pull the Skin snugly around the unit.  All buttons and connectors are accessible while the less-frequently used Programmer Port remains covered.  The Mounting Block Opening on the back of the Skin accepts all our Mounting Block options including the Cine-Lock Cradle Block with Cine-Lock attached.


For those with 3rd Party Antenna Protectors, FEAR NOT!  The Handset Skins have been designed to be modified in order to accommodate the popular Gizmo and Moodji Protectors!


The Handset Skins are available to order now via our order form at Focusbug Order Form

  • Arri RIA-1& Focusbug License Now Available To Order!


We are pleased to announce the release of the ARRI RIA-1 Module.  THE RIA-1 supports the ARRI Focusbug License designed in partnership with ARRI ECS to provide bi-directional communications between the Cine RT System and Hi-5 Lens Control System. 


Our new Hi-Speed Serial Protocol output was designed to enhance the transfer speed of distance info to the Hi-5 and to provide fast and stable control of the Cine RT System via the Focusbug Menu on the Hi-5 handset. 


Support for the Focusbug License coming soon to the LCUBE CUB-1 and other ARRI products.  


The Focusbug integration with the RIA-1 will be followed by an update to the LCUBE enabling the use of the Hi-Speed Protocol Serial Output for both the WCU4 and Hi-5 and use of the ARRI Focusbug License with the Hi-5.   The plan thereafter is to offer updates for the Alexa Mini LF and Alexa 35 which will support the Focusbug License.  In the meantime, the LCUBE and LF/35 will support the Classic (UDM/Cinetape) protocol; however, access to the License will not be available until the firmware updates are available.

Arri Hi-5 & WCU-4 Focusbug Support REVISED.jpg

The System

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The low profile ULTRASONIC BASE SENSOR operates as both a rangefinder and receiver for tracking CINE RT BUG Ultrasonic Transmitters while sending constant distance information to the CINE RT Handset, CINE RT High-Bright LED DIsplay(s), Preston HU3, Arri WCU-4, c motion c pro, Heden Ymer-3, and Teradek RT lens control systems.  The BASE mounts easily on the camera via several mounting block options, which enable a variety of industry-standard brackets to be used. With it’s control systems, sensor array, RF systems and targeting laser combined into one compact unit, the BASE is designed to minimize camera build weight and clutter.

The HANDSET CONTROL UNIT is a touchscreen hub to access LIVE VIEW display modes, operational tools and user settings. The HANDSET allows all adjustments to be made remotely without needing to be hands-on with the camera.  The HANDSET also doubles as a discrete tape measure allowing up to eight marks to be quickly collected, stored and edited without pulling a tape or sighting a laser. Select the FOCUS WHISPER or MARKS VIEW to hear or see your marks in relation to your target's movements in real time. 

The compact HIGH-BRIGHT LED DISPLAY relays distance data with 0.55" (14mm) ultra-bright LED characters. Five levels of brightness ensures exceptional visibility in all lighting conditions. Remotely chain several HIGH-BRIGHT displays to offer multiple readouts of the same source or use two HIGH-BRIGHTS to track two different targets simultaneously while in DUAL VIEW.  

The miniature ULTRASONIC BUG TRANSMITTER is milled from rugged lightweight ABS, measures 1.6" x 1.6" x 0.4" (4 x 4 x 1 cm) and weighs less than 0.7oz (20g).  The BUG can be easily hidden and will transmit ultrasound through most fabrics with no RF emissions. Place them on your assistants, stand-ins or principal actors for fast continuous distance information.  Track up to four BUG sources to distances of 120' (36.5m) line of sight from the BASE.  

The PRG-100 provides professional-grade connectivity between your Cine RT Base Sensor and Handset to facilitate remote firmware updates.  Download the Focusbug Programmer App for Mac or PC and load up the latest firmware.  Compatible with any new or Retrofitted Cine RT System possessing the Data & Accessory Ports.  

CLICK HERE for CINE RT Power & Serial Cable information and pricing.

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For a list of organizations who stock the Cine RT System in their rental inventories please click: RENTALS
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