HSU-100 Handset Skin

We are excited to announce the arrival of the HSU-100 Handset Skins. The Skins are made of thick and tactile silicone and are available in Assistant Uniform Black, Gray Card Gray, Safety Cone Orange, and Cine RT Distance Readout Green! The Skins fit securely around your Cine RT Handset to add grip and to protect it from the minor knocks and shocks dealt by life in your ditty bag, on your focus station, and camera cart deck. The Mounting Block Opening on the back of the Skin accepts all our Mounting Block options including the Cine-Lock Cradle Block with Cine-Lock attached.

PRG-100 Programmer

*USB mini B to USB 2.0 included.

The PRG-100 provides professional-grade connectivity between the Lemo Programmer Connectors on your Cine RT Base Sensor and Handset and your computer. Download the Focusbug Programmer App for Mac or PC from and load up the latest firmware.  The Programmer is compatible with any Cine RT or Retrofitted system.

Mounting Blocks

Mounting Blocks provide standard female thread options for camera accessory mounting hardware such as Cine Locks, Noga arms, etc. All Mounting Blocks attach via a common mounting-hole pattern and are interchangeable between all Cine RT Components. Each System Package or Kit comes with a choice of included Mounting Blocks and each Block comes with the required number of 4mm M3 screws, including a spare.

1/4 inch 20 Thread Low-Profile Mounting Block

UHP-100 Ultrasonic Horn Protector

Gone are the days of having to dig around in your weather kit for elastic bands and disused panty hose! The UHP-100 friction fits snugly on the end of your Cine RT Base Sensor horns, protecting the delicate ultrasonic transducers inside. The 2-Ply foam insert prevents particulate and moisture from entering the horns without compromising range or function; and the mesh retainer screen keeps everything neatly in place. An opening on top allows normal operation of your Targeting Laser, and an opening on the bottom provides a tie-down point if extra security is required for those crane builds.